SR9009 Sarm's made in Canada by Neobolics

SR9009 Sarm’s made in Canada by Neobolics

This molecule is a new and exciting compound in its class with some very unique properties. SR9009 activates the REV-ERB receptors which control your body’s natural circadian rhythm, as well as metabolism. Circadian rhythm is a natural phenomenon that controls many physiological processes, including expression of genes directly involved in glucose and fat metabolism. Mice given SR9009 for 10 days not only showed a suppression in genes for lipogenesis, and elevated expression of genes for oxidation of glucose and fatty acids, they also displayed a weight reduction 60% greater vs placebo, reduced fat mass, and improved overall lipid panel(cholesterol, triglycerides, ect). Also noted, was an increase in oxygen consumption(VO2 max), which can also improve endurance and increase fat loss. This compound is being deemed a true exercise mimetic(exercise in a bottle) and shows great potential for treatment for obesity, as well as enhancing performance of athletes. The number of genes SR9009 affects is crazy, and still not fully elucidated. The main issue with the compound is that oral bioavailability is very low, somewhere under 1-2%. I would imagine doses have to be quite large in order to notice any effects . However, I will continue to research this compound.

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