Perhaps the strongest and most powerful SARM on the market, RAD-140 has received amazing feedback from users, and with good reason. RAD-140 has shown extreme selectivity to binding in muscles rather the prostate, with an alleged anabolic ratio of 20:1(deca is 12:1, test is 1:1). The data looks pretty solid so far, with gains of 10% of bodyweight in monkeys in 3 weeks, at doses as low as 0.1mg/kg. At 1mg/kg,all gains were LBM coupled with fat loss. I can only assume these results would be similar in highly-trained athletes with strict nutrition. It’s also been shown to reinforce the anabolic effects, while reducing the androgenic effects of testosterone when used concurrently. Prostate size decreased and LMB increased when RAD-140 was combined with test propionate. It actually caused more LBM gains vs test prop head to head. Anecdotally, I have used RAD for 30 days at 15mg/d and I saw a noticeable difference in hardness and vascularity, as well as an increase in strength. IMO, this is one of the best SARMs available and can be used by women in low doses such as 5mg/d, no more than 10mg/d. Men can use 10-20mg/d and I would recommend PCT after as it can be suppressive.

Author: TheGuerillaChemist
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