AICAR(Acadesine monophosphate aka ZMP) is a very cool molecule that has been making its way into the performance enhancing circles, and even more recently being sold as a supplement. AICAR is an analog of adenosine(AMP/ATP) that acts as an AMPK agonist. AMPK is an enzyme that regulates tons of processes such as cellular uptake of glucose, oxidation of fatty acids, and even mitochondrial biogenesis. During exercise, AMPK activity increases as a result of metabolic stress and the demand for ATP. Once activated, AMPK switches the body to stimulate energy production, usually via oxidation of fats and transport of glucose. The benefit of taking AICAR would be to increase fat burning (via inhibition of acetylCoA carboxylase) and utilization of glucose(instead of storing as fat), as well as increased ATP production for energy. There is even data suggesting AICAR can increase blood supply to muscles during exercise. There are tons of more overall benefits to activating AMPK, but are outside the scope of this post. The most common form of AICAR is a peptide that must be injected subQ(like insulin) bc the acidity of the stomach would quickly hydrolyze the phosphate groups needed for activation. I have only seen one oral product being sold called AICAR by @revoltpharma, however I don’t think they make it anymore. I haven’t seen any data that says AICAR is effective when taken orally. Anyways, this is a pretty cool compound that can definitely aid in fat loss and increased cellular energy, amongst numerous other benefits. Worth noting; AICAR is NOT a SARM. The Internet is full of misinformation.

Author: TheGuerillaChemist
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